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  Catalan small and middle enterprises (SME’s) reaffirm their support to Barcelona’s candidacy for EMA  
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PIMEC’s sectorials of Tourism and Retail (PIMEComerç), its Healthcare Comission, and the Catalan Federation of Pharmacies (FEFAC) appreciate the effort of the three Public Administrations to make Barcelona hosting the EMA a reality.

They consider the fact that Barcelona becomes the chosen candidate will evidence the European Union’s commitment to this city, a worldwide sanitary reference.

Barcelona, Novembre 17, 2017. PIMEC’s sectorials of Turism and Retail, it’s Healthcare Comission, toghether with the Catalan Federation of Pharmacies, reaffirm their support to the candidacy of Barcelona to host European Medicines Agency (EMA).

Following the actions driven by Barcelona Global, they reaffirm their trust in the efforts being made by Spain’s Government, the Catalan Government and Barcelona’s city council, and remark that the city was already finalist in the last voting on EMA’s headquarters location.

Barcelona, an open and multicultural city where more than 100 languages are spoken, gathers the strengths and offers the opportunities that make the city an ideal location for hosting EMA. Among these, there are its location and climatology, some excellent international connections that include one of the most important European sea harbour, good communications infrastructure, an unbeatable offer of accommodation, sanitary, social and educational services for all visitors, especially for workers and their families, and emblematic building available, an exceptional cultural and gastronomic offer, and the best possible environment to display its’ activities.

This environment benefits from a worldwide recognised healthcare sector, a very dynamic biomedical sector with a strong net of research centres, and an important pharmaceutical laboratories industry of long tradition. These facts, jointly with the explicit preference manifested by the staff, and the existence of a background of excellent universities and all kind of technical professionals, will guarantee a strong and long lasting future for the Agency.

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